After 40 Fertility

Age 40, do I still have a chance?

There is life after 40. And babies too.

The common belief is that things get hard after 40 specifically conceiving and the actual pregnancy.  There are studies which prove this wrong. You chance of getting pregnant without any surgical and medical interference.

Hormones are the answer if you want to learn how to improve fertility naturally. By taking good care of your body, it will produce the right amount of hormones.

Maintain an ideal body weight. Try not to undertake strenuous activities which can negatively affect your endocrine hormones.

Identify the exact period on when is the highest chance to conceive. This starts by knowing your menstrual cycle. Record your basal body temperature. An increase of 1 to 2 degrees can mean that your body is on ovulation.

You can also massage the uterus to enhance blood flow. Sexual positions can be in any form as long as you lay down after doing it.

There are herbal remedies which you can purchase. The most common herbs are, false unicorn, red clover and saw palmetto. Please consult a physician before taking any of these herbal medications.

Go for foods that are nutrients rich at the same time has low calories. Fill up your home with fish, lemon, orange, and cabbages. The nutrients you get from these foods help in the revitalization of your tissues and removal of the tree.

Don’t forget water. Drink plenty of water to help your tissue get hydrated and healthy as well.

Avoid getting stressed about your pregnancy. Stress affects your brain which in turn can affect your hormones. A healthy body should have a healthy mind to go with.

According to a study, just changing your lifestyle can increase the chance to a whopping 80% of the women above 40.

Stop caffeine and alcohol intake. It affects a woman’s hormonal release.

If going natural doesn’t work for you can try fertility drugs according to your physician. The most common are Clomid and Femara. You can also try Acupuncture.

Try to make those little changes in your lifestyle. The happiness it will bring will all worth it and more.



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