Cheaper Gadgets For Everyone As We Move Forward

Within today’s society, the prices of the most technological gadgets are decreasing. With the mass production of these gadgets, they plan to make it as affordable as possible for us common Joes. For less than $100 you can fill up on your tech cravings and get cool things like a streaming device that can be connected directly to any smart TV or an e-reader which lets you have a small library of your own.

Believe it or not, the Samsung Gear VR only costs around $60. When all the craze about the newly launched VR came out, everybody thought that it would be pricey, $300 tops. I mean come on, virtual reality has been a dream for us gamers for such a long time; we’d actually be willing to shell out whatever it takes.

Though the Oculus Rift remains unaffordable for the common masses, Samsung Gear is pretty much the same. Besides, it’s already a hit for many. Keep in mind though that you need to have a compatible Samsung phone together with this.

alteregoAquaovo Alter Ego Personal Water Filter for $65. Outdoor activities have increased these days. From rock climbing to hiking, there are an increasing number of people who wants to be one with nature. But let’s face it, nature can be cruel if not deadly. Having the necessary equipment before heading to the wilds is crucial. Aquaovo Alter Ego can filter the harmful contaminants and provide you with drinkable water.

With unforeseen possibilities being out in the open and all, this gadget can certainly be a life saver. Don’t be mistaken, though, it’s not just for outdoors. If you live in rural areas and the water system seems somewhat doubtful, this device can come in handy as well since it doesn’t just remove harmful contaminants but also retains the beneficial minerals within the water. It is very light to carry and doesn’t leave any sort of aftertaste on your water.

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