Dealing With Chinese Suppliers

IWholesale fashion jewelry Chinaf you are into fashion jewelry business, the best way to get relatively cheap materials is by the use of a Chinese supplier. They are mostly working direct with the factory that can easily come at cheap price. Finding a wholesale fashion jewelry China supplier is an advantage because of their reputation of low cost production.

Building relationship and trust with a Chinese supplier can be easy if you know what to do. Before you buy a ticket to China there are some things you need to know:

  1. Whether you are receiving or giving something to them be sure to use your both hands with a slight bow. It is customary to them and shows you value respect.
  2. It is considered an insult if you arrive late. Plan your meetings and adjust your watch for time difference once you arrive.
  3. In case your business partner decides to take you to dinner, be sure to know how to use a chopstick. There are some chopsticks placement which can be considered insensitive to them.
  4. Being polite and patient is key to them. Business decisions are preferred to be made slowly.
  5. Try every piece of food that is served to you. Not doing so can come off as rude.
  6. Like Japan, removing your shoes is appreciated when entering temples or houses.

Here is a list of traveling tips that will come in handy when you go to China:

  1. Always bring your own toilet tissue. Not all public toilets have one.
  2. Use a translation app in order to know signs. There are different apps available by simpling taking a photo of the sign.
  3. You will need a multi device charger.
  4. Major cities have English signs but in case you are required to leave the city expect those signs to be fewer.

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