Uncovering the Oil and Gas Industry

oilandBelieved to be one of the biggest sector in the globe when it comes to dollar value, the oil and gas industry is a powerhouse for producing jobs worldwide. This industry needs to hire right of way land services because of the ever expanding need of oil. They are known to employ thousands of workers for their facilities. The industry also generates billions of dollars around the world every year. These oil and gas companies have become so vital that they even contribute to the goals of the national GDP.

There are three keys within the industry. The downstream, midstream and upstream.

The word exploration would be best to describe this category. This involves looking for underground and underwater gas fields or even crude oil fields. The drilling of exploration wells to acquire gas and oil.

Downstream is more on filtering the raw materials that have been found and acquired during the upstream process. It consists mostly of purifying the natural gasses. The marketing and advertising of these products are part of this phase. It is their job to sell products to the consumers and end users. This is where all sorts of oil start to branch out, such as the petrol, gasoline, lubricants, LPG, heating oil and even asphalt. Although midstream is essentially under the downstream part.

You will find that the largest volumes of products that come from the oil and gas industry are the gasoline and fuel oil. Petroleum is the basic material used for some chemical products. From solvents, fertilizers and even plastics. With this in mind, you can imagine just how integral petroleum is to many businesses and companies. It is even considered of vital importance to a lot of nations.

In the past few decades, there has been a growing sentiment towards the gas and oil industry. These companies are now being scrutinized and strictly monitored more than ever. And yet, the industry still grows at an extraordinary rate. It is estimated that thirty billions of barrels are consumed around the world each year.

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