What To Expect In FIFA 18

fifa18ballThe EA sports has always been improving the game play for the FIFA series. You can always expect something fresh on each launch of the newest edition. FIFA 18 delivers a more accurate game because of the latest AI. FIFA 18 is one of the biggest video game launch this year.

Increased depth in the career mode. The career mode is by far the most interesting mode within the entire game. With this in mind, EA Sports have improved a lot of factors, particularly in the manager mode. You can now praise your players while they are playing on the field. You also gain control over the training sessions as well as the pres conferences. The last FIFA had a very limited career mode. Your player will now be subjected to a lot more scenarios. Not only that, you will now have the option to choose how your character will react to a particular scene, thus creating a story line that is uniquely yours.

Indoor mode improved. Back then, the indoor mode had been requested by a lot of players, and it had been brought back on the FIFA 14. Now they’ve worked on it a lot more. The indoor mode allows a six versus six on the pitch. This is a thrilling mode that is welcomed by the most avid players.

The addition of more languages and teams. More football leagues that are found around the world has been included. This means that players that weren’t added from the previous editions have now been incorporated.

If you have thoroughly played the past versions of FIFA, you will have had noticed that the commentary gets a bit boring and repetitive. FIFA 18 has worked tremendously on this aspect and have made the commentary unique on each single game. They have made it more accurate and also added a few new commentators.


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